Why is Inflation So High in Venezuela?

February 23, 2014

Gregory Wilpert (2/2): Attempting to build socialism surrounded by a global capitalist economy and being reliant on oil revenues, Venezuela is struggling to find a solution to capital flight and exchange rate problems

Venezuela Protests Reveal Rivalry in Opposition Leadership

February 22, 2014

Gregory Wilpert (1/2): High inflation and shortages trigger a protest movement that splits opposition camp

Venezuela Tightens State Control Over Its Economy

November 24, 2013

Gregory Wilpert: Venezuela Strengthens State Control Over Economy in Effort to Combat Inflation

What’s Putin’s Interest In Syria?

September 13, 2013

Aleksandr Buzgalin: Putin’s aims in Syria through a domestic lens

U.S. Alone Refuses to Accept Venezuelan Election Results

May 16, 2013

Gregory Wilpert: In spite of a new audit of election results that shows a win by Maduro that is recognized by all countries of Latin America, the US supports opposition

The Ugly Canadian

January 17, 2013
Yves Engler: Canada has been openly hostile to Venezuela and leftward swing in Latin America – except in Cuba where Canada has large commercial interests

Hugo Chavez, Leader of Venezuela's Bolivarian Revolution, Dead at 58

January 11, 2013
Alex Main (CEPR): Venezuelan opposition hopes to take advantage of crisis but after sweeping state elections and winning decisively in the Presidential election, Chavez forces unlikely to lose power in a new election

Jimmy Carter Dice: "El Proceso de Elecciones en Venezuela Es el Mejor del Mundo"

October 7, 2012

La oposición esta de acuerdo de que la tecnología para votar funciona apropiadamente, pero critica el uso de recursos del estado en la campaña para la reeleción de Chávez

Jimmy Carter says: "Election Process in Venezuela is the Best in the World"

October 5, 2012

Opposition agrees voting technology functions well, but criticizes use of state resources in Chavez reelection campaign