As Pugh Resigns, Is a Better Baltimore Possible?

As Pugh Resigns, Is a Better Baltimore Possible?

May 2, 2019

Baltimore’s powerful mayor resigned amid corruption allegations. Three activists ask if the city charter can be amended to limit mayoral power and create a more just city

US Military Budget Reveals an Offensive Posture, Russia and China on Defense - Wilkerson

US Military Budget Reveals an Offensive Posture, Russia and China on Defense – Wilkerson

March 27, 2019

The massive military expansion in the US and China could lead to absolute disaster – Larry Wilkerson joins Paul Jay

China the Target of Pentagon's Massive Military Budget - Horne and Jay

China the Target of Pentagon’s Massive Military Budget – Horne and Jay

March 20, 2019

Acting Secretary of Defense justifies the increase in military spending with three words: China, China, China – Historian Gerald Horne joins Paul Jay

Pentagon Engaged in Unfathomable Financial Mismanagement

December 5, 2018

Around the same time that auditors declared that the Department of Defense’s finances are unauditable, The Nation published an extensive exposé of just how deliberately falsified and mismanaged the Pentagon’s accounts are. We speak to the report’s author, investigative journalist David Lindorff      

Cop Shortage Called Into Question Amid Excessive Overtime Spending

July 18, 2018

A Baltimore city councilman is calling into question the narrative that overtime is driven by a shortage of patrol officers after obtaining detailed documents on staffing

Grassroots Pressure Stops Cuts to Baltimore Schools

January 24, 2018

Educators and advocates convinced the Baltimore school board to scale back major reforms to the funding formula that determines how much money schools receive

Time for Politicians to Stop Deficit Fearmongering

October 20, 2017

The common misconception is that the government is doing something wrong when it runs a deficit, but what most people don’t understand is that there’s a matching surplus in another part of the economy, says economist Stephanie Kelton

Trump’s ‘Fantasy’ Military Budget Hides the Real Cost

July 28, 2017

To spend even more than the staggering amounts already given to the military, U.S. lawmakers have used the foreign war budget as a “slush fund” to circumvent Pentagon budget caps imposed by law, says William Hartung


June 7, 2017
Cuts to public school funding sustained over a decade is a deliberate strategy to ensure privatization says Glen Ford of the Black Agenda Report

Trump’s Budget and Policies Will be ‘Horrific’ For Women

May 26, 2017

The Nation editor Katrina vanden Heuvel describes the effects the Trump budget proposal will have for women. Ivanka Trump’s parental leave program will not make a dent in the damage