Boris Johnson Pushes for New Election as Brexit Fiasco Continues

October 25, 2019

While Britain’s parliament continues to try to figure out if and how to move forward with Brexit, the Labour Party must bring the public debate back to the social terrain to win an upcoming election, says Prof. Leo Panitch.

Boris Johnson

Johnson’s Brexit Plan is ‘Political, Not Economic’

October 2, 2019

Britain’s left and right both face internal struggles over Brexit. The Labour Party ought to allow more internal debate for “Lexit,” says Prof. Costas Lapavitsas.

Johnson's Brexit Mess Now a "Constitutional Crisis"

Johnson’s Brexit Mess Now a “Constitutional Crisis”

September 11, 2019

Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson tried to undermine parliament and the Brexit process by temporarily suspending parliament, but now a court has ruled that the suspension is unlawful and a constitutional crisis unfolds, says Grace Blakeley

Brexit, Boris, and British Parliament Come to a Head After 3 Years

Brexit, Boris, and British Parliament Come to a Head After 3 Years

September 4, 2019

Nation Editor DD Guttenplan unpacks the politics behind Brexit and the revolt against Boris Johnson by forces not normally aligned. What could lie ahead and why

How Do You Confront Prime Minister Boris Johnson?

How Do You Confront Prime Minister Boris Johnson?

July 30, 2019

Labor MP Chris Williamson talks about how to combat the austerity and right-wing policies of Johnson, and says people should stop worrying about Brexit

Theresa May's Resignation Could Mean a Hard Brexit

Theresa May’s Resignation Could Mean a Hard Brexit

May 29, 2019

The chaos in Britain’s politics has only intensified in the wake of Theresa May’s resignation and the tremendous losses that Conservatives suffered in the European Parliament election. Prof. Leo Panitch analyzes the result

The New Authoritarians

The New Authoritarians

May 28, 2019

David Renton discusses his new book The New Authoritarians: Convergence on the Right. Although the new wave of right-wing politicians is not fascist, it is dangerous and must be studied closely in order for the left to have a chance to fight back. The book focuses on the U.S, UK and France, and shows the…

Brexit: Will Tories Risk an Election Corbyn Might Win?

Brexit:  Will Tories Risk an Election Corbyn Might Win?

March 29, 2019

A third defeat for Theresa May’s Brexit plan sets up April 12 as the drop-dead date for an unlikely agreement in Parliament, a second referendum, a hard Brexit, or a general election where Jeremy Corbyn will present a progressive vision for Brexit and the future – Leo Panitch joins Paul Jay

Is Corbyn's Socialism Possible Within the EU? - Lapavitsas and Jay

Class Struggle Over Brexit

March 17, 2019
With the Conservative Party in disarray, can the Labour Party take advantage of the “Brexit moment”– Costas Lapavitsas joins host Paul Jay