Human Rights Watch Director Expelled from Israel

Human Rights Watch Director Expelled from Israel

April 30, 2019

Omar Shakir, director of HRW was given two weeks to leave Israel. “This is really the first time a court has put its seal on the government’s relentless effort to target advocacy around Palestinian human rights.”  Once again he plans to appeal his deportation order

Airbnb Pressured to Remove Listings in Illegal Israeli Settlements on Occupied Palestinian Land

Airbnb Pressured to Remove Listings in Illegal Israeli Settlements on Occupied Palestinian Land

November 28, 2018

House-sharing company Airbnb was pressured to remove listings in illegal Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian West Bank, after a campaign by human rights organizations. CODEPINK’s Ariel Gold says this is a big victory for peace activists

Venezuela’s highly unusual presidential election

May 18, 2018

This is the best opportunity since 1998 that the opposition has to defeat the Bolivarian Revolution. So why are they boycotting the election? Greg Wilpert asks Venezuela will hold its 24th electoral event in 20 years this Sunday, 20 May. The path to this election was perhaps one of the most convoluted and difficult of…

West’s Anti-Russian Fervor Will Help Putin Win Election On Sunday

March 18, 2018

As Russia heads into a presidential election on Sunday, Vladimir Putin’s popularity soars with every accusation and sanction Western countries hurl against him, says Prof. Alexander Buzgalin

Rattling the Bars

June 6, 2017
Executive Producer Eddie Conway speaks with Pastor Kenneth Glasgow, prison activist and founder of the Ordinary People’s Society, about building a broad coalition to boycott the businesses that are tied to prison slavery

The Real News on the Middle East

March 28, 2017
After the P5+1 nuclear deal made it difficult for the Israeli government to continue to appeal to the right-wing through casting Iran as the bogeyman, depicting BDS as a ‘delegitimization’ campaign became its next means of generating fear and paranoia among voters, says journalist Richard Silverstein

Black Lives

September 22, 2016
The National Guard was called in after a second night of unrest following the killing of Keith Scott, who protestors believe was unarmed at the time of his shooting by a police officer

Days of Revolt

May 10, 2016
In this episode of teleSUR’s Days of Revolt, Chris Hedges interviews Miko Peled, Israeli peace activist and author of The General’s Son: The Journey of an Israeli in Palestine

New Law Would Track International Movement to Boycott Israel

February 26, 2016

Josh Ruebner says fears over the impact of the new law are overblown but many more anti-BDS measures are being considered nationwide