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Progressives vs. Establishment: Super Tuesday Narrows Democratic Field

March 5, 2020

The Biden/Sanders battle for the Democratic nomination is on. Where did Joe Biden’s unexpected Super Tuesday win come from? Do voters think uniting around the establishment candidate is the best way to defeat Trump?

Buttigieg Pursues Black Voters at Rev. Barber’s Church

December 3, 2019

Pete Buttigieg spoke at Rev. William Barber’s church in North Carolina, discussing racial and inequality issues that are highlighted in the Poor People’s Campaign platform. But will this be enough to raise his support among Black voters?

Bernie and the Black Vote

Bernie and the Black Vote

February 20, 2019

Jacqueline Luqman and Prof. Lester Spence discuss how Sanders might distinguish himself and contend with Black candidates such as Corey Booker and Kamala Harris

Is Georgia's GOP Governor Candidate Trying to Suppress the Black Vote?

Is Georgia’s GOP Governor Candidate Trying to Suppress the Black Vote?

October 16, 2018

Georgia’s neck-in-neck gubernatorial race is at the epicenter of the national fight against voter suppression. Brian Kemp — Georgia’s Secretary of State and its GOP gubernatorial candidate — has put more than 53,000 voter registration applications on hold, 70% of them black. It’s the latest voter suppression controversy for Kemp, whose opponent, Stacey Abrams has…

The Democratic Party Fatigue of Black Lives Matter Millennials

September 20, 2016

Black Agenda Report’s Glen Ford says the Democrat’s attempts to get out the black vote for Hillary this election might not work

Inside South Carolina Barbershops Ahead of the South Carolina Primary

February 27, 2016

Rapper Killer Mike & former Ohio State Senator Nina Turner attempt to persuade South Carolina black voters to support Sanders for President, saying his goals are more in line with African-American freedom fighters

Can Sanders Win Over South Carolina’s Black Working Class Vote?

February 25, 2016

Attorney Kamau Franklin says Bernie Sanders needs to make greater strides to get his message out to Black Voters in the south in order to have a shot at the Democratic nomination

Sanders Hits a Brick Wall with the Black Vote

February 23, 2016

Black Agenda Report’s Glen Ford says the majority of the black vote is wedded to Clinton and the right-wing of the Democratic Party in national elections despite being more left-wing on actual issues

Reality Asserts Itself - Gerald Horne

August 19, 2014
Mr. Horne says the Democrats are heavily dependent upon black votes, but afraid of defending their interests out of fear of alienating cross-class racism deeply entrenched in American history

Reality Asserts Itself - Glen Ford

November 23, 2013
On this episode of Reality Asserts Itself with Paul Jay, Glen Ford says there is no evidence that Kennedy differed from other U.S. presidents in striving for global hegemony