Bill Gates

Who’s Fighting The War Against Cash?

May 14, 2020

Mastercard, Visa, and Bill Gates are all pushing for polices to make it harder to use cash, hoping to keep closer tabs on the population through the trail of electronic transactions.

How Big Tech Has Helped Big Oil Automate the Climate Crisis

How Big Tech Helped Big Oil Automate the Climate Crisis

April 1, 2019

Companies such as Google, Amazon, and Microsoft have triumphantly announced themselves as petroleum production partners, Gizmodo reporter Brian Merchant has documented in a recent report

"Mayor 1%" Rahm Emanuel vs. Chicago's 99% Pt. 1

November 21, 2013
TRNN interviews “Mayor 1%” author Kari Lydersen about Rahm Emanuel’s battles with Chicago’s 99% pt 2

The Cost of Saving the Planet

October 6, 2013
James Boyce: The US should focus on the human, not monetary cost of climate change

Securities Transaction Tax

October 22, 2012
A half-percent tax on all financial transactions makes it to Congress