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Sorry, Dem Establishment: Black Voters Actually Like Progressive Policies

February 29, 2020

The common wisdom of the Democratic establishment that Black voters will fall in line behind whoever is chosen as front-runner directly conflicts with TRNN’s conversations with black voters in South Carolina.

The Implications of the South Carolina Black Vote for Bernie and Biden

February 28, 2020

Marcus Ferrell, a former Sanders operative, takes us from the last Democratic debate, to the eve of South Carolina’s primary, to the upcoming Democratic nomination and the war with Trump.

Why are More Democrats Breaking Tradition and Boycotting AIPAC?

February 27, 2020

The pro-Israel group is attacking Bernie Sanders both for his support for Palestinians and for not attending the yearly conference, but he’s not the only person calling out AIPAC’s right-wing agenda.

Is Medicare for All Bad for Union-Negotiated Healthcare?

February 26, 2020

The argument that Medicare for All will hurt workers because it abolishes hard-earned healthcare benefits of unionized workers has repeatedly been used against Sanders and Warren. But does the criticism have any basis?

How Trump Legally Undermines the Law

February 25, 2020

Trump’s grants of clemency for his cronies and Fox News friends have almost exclusively gone to people who are themselves accused of violating the justice system.

Cornel West: Elites Underestimate the Power of the People

February 18, 2020

Scholar and activist Dr. Cornel West says Bernie Sanders will take on corporate power and implement a just foreign policy, and that former Mayor Michael Bloomberg is a “neoliberal gangster.”

Nikhil Goyal: Sanders Will Expose Trump’s Lies and Betrayal of the Working Class

February 17, 2020

“Trump wants to cut Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, and Sanders wants to expand Social Security and guarantee Medicare for All. Trump wants to send your kids off to endless wars, Sanders wants to send them to college,” says author and activist Nikhil Goyal.

Sanders Campaign Co-Chair: New Hampshire Win Shows Bernie Beats Trump

February 17, 2020

Rep. Ro Khanna says Bernie Sanders is building a multi-racial coalition that will win the nomination and beat Donald Trump.

The Case for Elizabeth Warren

February 11, 2020

Nelini Stamp says Warren addresses race, gender, and class like no other candidate does.

Sanders’ Path to Victory Relies on Turning Out New Voters

February 11, 2020

Progressive Caucus co-chair Rep. Mark Pocan argues Sanders is electable because he won states like Wisconsin in the 2016 primary.