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700,000 Displaced as Syria and Turkey Descend into War

February 14, 2020

Syria and Turkey are fighting each other in the rebel-controlled Idlib region, forcing hundreds of thousands to flee for their lives as the bombings intensify.

Turkey's Erdogan Presents Plan to Turn Kurds into a Minority in Northern Syria 

Turkey’s Erdogan Presents Plan to Turn Kurds into a Minority in Northern Syria 

September 18, 2019

President Erdogan of Turkey says that it’s time for Turkey to send Syrian refugees to northern Syria, currently inhabited by Syrian Kurds. Meanwhile Erdogan’s position in Turkey is weakening, both politically and economically, says Baris Karaagac

United States and Turkey Agree to a Syrian “Safe Zone," Betraying the Kurds

United States and Turkey Agree to a Syrian “Safe Zone,” Betraying the Kurds

August 14, 2019

Baris Karaagac discusses how the U.S allowed the Turkish government seize land in northern Syria to counter Russian and Iranian influence in spite of former Kurdish allies

Istanbul Election Shakes President Erdogan’s Power

Istanbul Election Shakes President Erdogan’s Power

June 26, 2019

Baris Karaagac discusses Ekrem Imamoglu’s victory in Istanbul’s mayoral election. President Erdogan had forced new elections after his party lost in March and now the governing party lost control of all Turkey’s major cities

Erdogan Accelerates Attacks on Syria and Iraq in Lead-up to Turkish Election

June 20, 2018

Turkish President Erdogan is escalating military intervention in northern Syria and Iraq as the snap election approaches. Scholar Baris Karaagac says this is part of a political strategy to unite right-wing nationalist forces. It is also a continuation of a decades-long war on Kurds

Turkey’s Erdogan Allies with Fascists for Election, Repressing Leftists and Kurds

June 18, 2018

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan formed a coalition with the fascist party MHP for the upcoming snap election. TRNN’s Ben Norton speaks with scholar Baris Karaagac about Turkey’s economic ills, the AKP’s neoliberal nationalist policies, and the repression of the HDP, leftists, and Kurds


March 30, 2017
Trent University lecturer Baris Karaagac says if the ‘yes’ vote wins, the state will have a limited ability to restrain President Erdogan’s heightened executive powers

Turkey in Crisis: Understanding the Erdogan/ Gulen Split

January 13, 2014

TRNN Replay: Baris Karaagac: The events of the past two years has plunged Turkey into crisis, pitting two of the country’s most powerful figures and former allies against each other Turkish PM Erdogan and Islamic preacher Gulen, currently in self-imposed exile in the United States

240,000 Turkish Workers Join As Mass Protests Reach More Than 67 Cities

June 4, 2013

Confederation of unions, stage two day strike in solidarity with protestors, against police brutality and for a more democratic Turkey