Police Crackdown Against Bahrain Protesters

March 17, 2011

Al Jazeera: The Bahraini security forces have driven away the pro-democracy protesters aided by the Apache helicopters and tear gas canisters

Egyptian Democracy Movement Expected To Reject New Constitution

March 16, 2011
Shashank Bengali: Struggle in Bahrain over economic justice, not religion

Violent Clashes in Bahrain

March 15, 2011

In one of the most violent confrontations since troops killed seven protesters last month, police used tear gas and water cannon to break up demonstrations against the kingdom’s royal family. Witnesses said rubber bullets were also fired by police. Bahrain is gripped in its worst unrest since the 1990s For several weeks now the Shi’ite…


March 1, 2011
Bahrain’s Kings dependent on British, American and now Saudi protection

Middle East Revolt Inspires Iranian Resistance

February 20, 2011

Hamid Dabashi: Iranian Green Movement part of regional uprising of the youth against autocratic regimes

Day Of Rage And Massive Protests Across Middle East

February 19, 2011

Nader Hashemi: Brutal repression in Bahrain, Libya,Yemen and Iran; Hundreds of thousands in Cairo as struggle continues

Protesters killed as police storm Bahrain demonstration camp

February 18, 2011

Channel 4: Riot police storm a protest camp in central Bahrain killing five people and leaving hundreds wounded as unrest continues.