Austria's Far Right Gains Ground Despite Massive Corruption Scandal

Austria’s Far Right Gains Ground Despite Massive Corruption Scandal

June 5, 2019

Austria’s right-wing FPÖ party was forced to leave the governing coalition in the wake of a serious corruption scandal, but nonetheless went on to increase its vote in European Parliamentary election. We analyze why with Walter Baier

Western European Banks Vulnerable to Ukrainian Sovereign Debt Crisis

March 16, 2014

James Henry: European banks in countries like Germany and Austria have a vested interest in a stable Ukraine because of trillions in outstanding debt

Police Brutality Against Blocupy Frankfurt Protest Makes Headlines

June 16, 2013

What began as a protest against the ECB, German banks and the German government turned into a protest against police brutality

Did McCain Go to Syria to Sabotage US Russia Negotiations?

May 29, 2013

Phyllis Bennis: McCain’s trip to Syria, his calls for US air strikes and arming rebels with heavy weapons, seems designed to counter Obama plan to negotiate with Russia

Securities Transaction Tax

October 22, 2012
A half-percent tax on all financial transactions makes it to Congress