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Mueller Panic Overshadows Jeff Sessions’ Final Attack on Police Oversight, People of Color

Mueller Panic Overshadows Jeff Sessions’ Final Attack on Police Oversight, People of Color

November 17, 2018

Amid concern over what Jeff Sessions’ ouster could mean for the Mueller probe, there is very little outcry over Sessions’ last-minute move to gut federal oversight of police forces accused of abuses. We speak to ProPublica’s Ian MacDougall and veteran Baltimore attorney Billy Murphy. “This emboldens police brutality,” Murphy warns

Trump's Firing of Jeff Sessions Sparks Marches for Mueller

Trump’s Firing of Sessions: Is the Presidency Above the Law?

November 10, 2018

People across the country are sounding the alarm over Trump’s firing of Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the temporary appointment of Matt Whitaker, a perceived Trump loyalist and a Russia probe critic. Robert Weissmann of Public Citizen discusses Thursday’s protests across the country and whether Robert Mueller is under threat.

The Real Baltimore

September 14, 2017
The Justice Department has rejected federal charges for the six Baltimore officers involved in the death of Freddie Gray. With Trump rolling back federal oversight, police veteran Neill Franklin says the push for justice and reform has to come from the local level

Trump vs. Sessions: A One-Sided Twitter War

July 27, 2017

“All of this is particularly bizarre because the Trump administration is having enormous difficulty getting any of its supposed agenda done, and the only person who is actively implementing the Trump agenda is Jeff Sessions,” says white-collar criminologist and economist Bill Black

Attorney Fired By Trump Set Dangerous Precedent for Wall Street Prosecutions

March 15, 2017

Former financial regulator Bill Black says Preet Bharara was the most aggressive federal prosecutor, but was still easy on the elite Wall Street bankers – yet we shouldn’t expect Trump to nominate a replacement who’s less than ethically challenged

Why the NAACP and former Colleagues say Jeff Sessions is Unfit to Serve As Attorney General

January 8, 2017

Alabama NAACP President Bernard Simelton: The Senate blocked a federal judgeship for Jeff Sessions in 1986 and they should block him from being Trump’s Attorney General

Former Colleague of Jeff Sessions Says Trump’s Pick Unqualified to be Attorney General

January 5, 2017

Veteran civil rights prosecutor Gerald Hebert, who opposed Sessions’s bid for judgeship in 1986, says the senator has opposed virtually all civil rights legislation

Documents in JPMorgan settlement reveal how every large bank in U.S. has committed mortgage fraud

November 26, 2013

Bill Black: Justice Dept.’s failure to understand pervasive schemes of fraud in financial industry obstructs meaningful prosecution of banks

The Government is Finally Arresting Wall Street Bankers…For Losing Wall Street’s Money

August 14, 2013

The Dept. of Justice will let JP Morgan’s London Whale off the hook while prosecuting low-level traders.

Brennan Hearings: What is the Legal Basis for Drone Targeted Killings? Pt.2

February 9, 2013

Michael Ratner: There’s no reason why the legal argument defending targeted killing should not be made public