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Trump’s US-Saudi Arms Deals Will Create Only a Few Hundred Jobs

Trump’s US-Saudi Arms Deals Will Create Only a Few Hundred Jobs

November 4, 2018

An exclusive report from Reuters surveyed arms manufacturers about the jobs that the Saudi arms deals would create and found that the actual numbers are a tiny fraction of what Trump had promised. Arms industry researcher Andrew Feinstein discusses Reuters’ findings

An Ex-Marine's View of the US 'Forever War'

An Ex-Marine’s View of the US ‘Forever War’

September 25, 2018

Former Marine Lyle Jeremy Rubin talks about how he came to see US wars as a non-stop continuation of the war economy and how US politicians and mass media have numbed the population to the realities of war

Arms Manufacturers In UK Class Rooms

Arms Manufacturers In UK Classrooms

September 16, 2018

Andrew Smith discusses how schools in the UK involve the arms industry to teach school children about weapons manufacture and trade. BAE Systems invests tens of millions of pounds in order to improve its image in the eyes of school children

New Information Reveals How Israel Covered-Up the Killing of Four Boys in Gaza

August 17, 2018

Shir Hever discusses the Intercept report, revealing that the Israeli military used an armed drone to kill four children playing football and injure four others. The Israeli investigation of the killing is exposed as a sham

Trump’s Real NATO Agenda? More Money for War

July 13, 2018

As prominent US media and political figures warned that he might dismantle NATO, President Trump wrapped up the summit by bragging that he had convinced allied members to spend more on the military. We speak to Bill Hartung, Director of Arms & Security Project, Center for International Policy

Israel Turns Gaza into ‘Arms Race’ Laboratory

June 19, 2018
As Israel mows down protesters in Gaza with brutal military technology, Palestinians respond creatively, with kites and balloons. Shir Hever discusses the hidden rift within the Israeli military
Weapons Corporations Use Israel's Massacres in Gaza to Test New Technology

Arms Manufacturers Use Israel’s Massacres in Gaza to Test New Technology

May 20, 2018

As the Israeli military mows down unarmed Palestinian protesters, arms trade expert Andrew Feinstein explains how weapons companies use Gaza as a laboratory to test new products and rake in profits

Arms Industry Stocks Shoot up After Trump Withdraws from Iran Deal

Arms Industry Stocks Shoot up After Trump Withdraws from Iran Deal

May 15, 2018

As soon as Donald Trump withdrew the US from the Iran nuclear deal, and Israel bombed Syria, stocks of the top weapons corporations immediately increased. Author Andrew Feinstein says this sabotage of the JCPOA offers companies new opportunities for war profiteering

Breaking Gaza Coverage

May 2, 2018
Breaking coverage on the situation in Gaza