antonin scalia

Supreme Court Set for Momentous New Term

October 5, 2017

Trinity College professor Kevin McMahon explains how the new partisan balance of the court and big issues on the agenda are likely to make this a very important term

Supreme Court of the United States

March 3, 2016
Dean of UNC-Irvine Law Erwin Chemerinsky explains how the two major parties have created a system for selecting Supreme Court Justices who don’t prioritize public interest

Ralph Nader

February 22, 2016
Consumer advocate Ralph Nader says that both the Republican and Democratic parties are subservient to corporate power

The Roots of Scalia’s Originalism

February 15, 2016

Larry Wilkerson examines the pitfalls of Scalia’s theory of originalism and how this creates a tendency of disunion rather than cohesion when interpreting the law

Scalia: Hero of the Far-Right Dead at 79

February 13, 2016

Attorney Kamau Franklin says Justice Antonin Scalia participated in some of the most reactionary rulings affecting blacks, women, gays and workers in Supreme Court history