American Democratic Party

Climate Activists to Protest at New Hampshire Democratic Presidential Debate

January 31, 2020

Democratic presidential candidates arriving at next Friday’s debate in New Hampshire will be greeted by dozens of climate justice activists demanding all of the candidates commit to phasing out fossil fuels, and holding the fossil fuel industry accountable for climate change.  The Keep It in the Ground Coalition, made up of groups including 350 New…

Democrats Strip Superdelegates of Voting Power

August 25, 2018

The Democrats’ progressive wing claimed victory on Saturday after ‘Superdelegates’ lost the ability to vote on the first ballot of the party’s nomination process

Tony Benn Saw Socialism as the Culmination of Democratization

March 18, 2014
Leo Panitch on the death of Tony Benn: He conceived the need to democratize the state as the precondition for democratizing the economy

Syriza Succeeds in Greece by Challenging European Social Democrats’ Approach to Reform

January 21, 2014

Panitch: Reforms can be easily thwarted by the power of business and the ideology of neoliberalism