Alexander Main


June 8, 2016
Several Latin American nations are concerned that The Organization of American States Secretary General Luis Almagro could become an “an instrument of the [US] state department…to intervene in the internal affairs of member states,” says Alex Main of the Center for Economic and Policy Research. On June 1, Almagro convened a meeting of the OAS…

Venezuela Opposition Boycotts Maduro-Backed Peace Conference As Unrest Continues

February 27, 2014

Alexander Main & Miguel Tinker Salas argue that Venezuela opposition protests do not include broad segments of the population and are aimed at destabilizing the elected government of Nicholas Maduro

Who Benefits from Austerity?

March 10, 2013
Bob Pollin fields the question: are the very rich hunkering down for a long recession and to protect their assets, are more concerned about debt than high unemployment

State of the Working Woman

March 8, 2013

Jenny Ahn: Unionized women workers do better than unorganized; All working women need access to universal daycare