Aleksandr Buzgalin

Socialism Back on Agenda, 30 Years After 'End of History'

Socialism Back on Agenda, 30 Years After ‘End of History’

July 9, 2019

Alexandr Buzgalin discusses the crisis of neoliberalism and the resurgence of socialist thought and political movements, 30 years after the publication of Fukuyama’s ‘End of History’ thesis, which argued that there is no alternative to capitalism

Reality Asserts Itself - Alexander Buzgalin

July 29, 2018
Prof. Alexander Buzgalin joins Paul Jay on Reality Asserts Itself; born two years after the death of Stalin, Buzgalin analyzes the end of the Soviet Union and the rise of Putin

The Prelude to the Russian Revolution of 1917

October 30, 2017

The contradiction of feudalism, military capitalism, and imperial ambitions, along with an unambitious bourgeoisie, were the prelude to the Russian Revolution of 2017, explains Prof. Aleksandr Buzgalin of Moscow State University


March 22, 2017
The US and Russian right share a similar ideology, but it’s one that sees each other as an excuse for military expansion and harmful internal economic policy, says professor Aleksandr Buzgalin