Abdel Fatah Al-Sisi

Egypt’s Secret War in Northern Sinai

April 9, 2020

Reports are now coming in from a bombing and counter-bombing in northern Sinai by extremist Islamists and the Egyptian armed forces that happened in late March. The explosions were recorded by journalists in the nearby Gaza Strip.

Egypt Bans Journalist Daoud Kuttab from a Transparency Conference

December 23, 2019

Journalist Daoud Kuttab was barred from entering Egypt without being given a reason. His banning indicates the growing paranoia of the Egyptian regime in the face of mounting international criticism.

Egypt’s Media Crackdown Can be Stopped

November 28, 2019

Angela Joya discusses the raid on the last independent media center in Egypt: Mada Masr. Thanks to international protest, the authorities allowed Mada Masr to re-open and resume publications. As opposition to Egypt’s President Al-Sisi continues, the government intensifies the repression of free speech.

Morsi's Death Represents the Demise of Hope for Democracy in Egypt

Morsi’s Death Represents the Demise of Hope for Democracy in Egypt

June 19, 2019

Professor Seif Da’na discusses the circumstances under which former Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi collapsed and died and the Egyptian government’s fear of an uprising