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Dems vote in West Virginia

Voters lined up in polling station in West Virginia early this morning to cast their votes.
Some voters stated their concerns regarding Obama and why they support Clinton.
US Democratic hopeful Hillary Clinton is looking for a big victory over her party opponent Barack Obama in West Virginia’s primary.


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Charleston, West Virginia

SEN. HILLARY CLINTON, PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE (D): We will send a very clear message that West Virginia has a record of picking presidents.


GLORIA RICHMOND, OBAMA SUPPORTER: I’m more excited, because, you know, when I was younger I would have never thought we would see this. So I’m so excited.

JULIA NEENAN, OBAMA SUPPORTER: He has cleansed the doubt. I think Hillary and her camp are the only ones who think he hasn’t.

WANDA GIBSON, CLINTON SUPPORTER: I guess, because he is another race. I’m sort of scared of the other race, ’cause we have so much conflict with them.

SHELBY SUGG, CLINTON SUPPORTER: Not even in my mind I don’t. I don’t like that Hussein thing. I’ve had enough of Hussein.

CRYSTAL GIBSON, OBAMA SUPPORTER: Well, you know, I just think that for the last 20 years we’ve had Clintons and Bush. And I think that he brings a fresh perspective. He’s new, relatively new to, you know, the politics.

BETTY CHANDLER, CLINTON SUPPORTER: It worries me now that it will be years before another woman will have a chance, will have the nerve and the money to be president. I think a woman could do a better job of being a president.

DIANA MASSO, CLINTON SUPPORTER: I voted for Hillary. I really like her energy. I like the fact that she is a woman. And I really think we’ll do well as a country with her as president.

RICHARD LINDSAY, OBAMA SUPPORTER: He’s not going to win West Virginia, but I don’t want him to lose by too much. I want him to get not too beaten and [inaudible] before the general election.


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