Why is it important to talk to people who voted for Trump?

As part of our summer fundraiser special series, Paul Jay answers viewer questions during a live Q&A


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Story Transcript

PAUL JAY: Well, we’re just getting started with any seriousness, so we can’t answer the question yet whether we’re wasting our time. But obviously we don’t think so, or we wouldn’t do it. Wouldn’t try.

But I think you have to break down ‘Trump voter,’ because I think there’s all kinds of different people that voted for Trump. Some people did it because they are evangelical, and they believe Trump would be a good vehicle for their religious objectives. Other people were just fed up. For example, we met a guy in Dundalk, and here’s what he said.

TROY: Yeah, I think it’s really just flat-out desperation. We are so just let down by the hypocrisy and the politics.

PAUL JAY: So we think, certainly, a segment of voters that voted for Trump were just fed up with the whole political system and they were fed up with what their futures look like, and they’re concerned that their families are falling apart because of the opioid disaster, and they believe, blame a lot of that on what they see as the liberal elites who talk a good game, but nothing ever changes. I think that it’s very possible that if we talk about the things that really concern them and look what, look at what real solutions look like, and don’t come there defending any political party but just trying to seek what, you know, facts and truth and real solutions, yeah. I think we can win over a segment of people as an audience of the Real News. And hopefully when they vote or when they think politically they’ll do so more in their own interests.