Texans talk at the rodeo

March 4, 2008

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Story Transcript

GARY CLEAVLAND, HILLARY CLINTON SUPPORTER: I’m all for women taking charge now.

MATTHEW PALEVSKY, JOURNALIST: Do you think she’d be a better president?

CLEAVLAND: Absolutely. Just more time around the block and stuff.

PALEVSKY: Because she has more experience than the other candidates?

CLEAVLAND: I think so. And, I mean, all politicians, you’re going to have to questions about how honest they actually are, but if you [inaudible] then you just kind of have to make a choice and say, hey, look, this is what I believe in, this is what I’m going to go for. Sometimes you make mistakes. I mean, some people made mistakes when they said, “Let’s go for George Bush,” and then, “Oh, no.”

PALEVSKY: Did you vote for George Bush?

CLEAVLAND: I didn’t.

PALEVSKY: So you’re saying politics is a matter of [crosstalk]

CLEAVLAND: I’m a die-hard Democrat.

PALEVSKY: You are.


PALEVSKY: And you’re saying politics is a matter of personality.

CLEAVLAND: Personality, judgment. I mean, if someone comes up and makes a great presentation to you, no matter what they’re doing, whether it’s selling something to you, something like that, if you buy into it, that’s what you’re going to get. Then, maybe, later on what you bought into, you say, “Oh, I thought it was going to be better than that, but it really wasn’t.” Sometimes you’ve just got to take that leap of faith and say, well, I believe it’s going to be better.

PALEVSKY: And a lot of people say we’re at a time in America where there’s a lot of danger towards outside threats.

CLEAVLAND: I don’t think we’re in any more threat than before 9/11. That was, I think, an unfortunate and an unusual situation that happened to happen. But if I took and elected somebody because they’re going to protect my country better, I don’t buy that, because nobody has proven anywhere that they can protect this country better than, like, the military can.

PALEVSKY: But if she lost, would you vote for the Democratic nominee, probably Obama?

CLEAVLAND: Oh, absolutely. Oh, yeah. Yeah, I think they would make a great ticket.

PALEVSKY: Is that because you care most about the economy or most about national security? Or is it just who she is?

CLEAVLAND: I think it has to do with time and the experience. And, yes, I’m a great fan of the, like, Bill Clinton and what he did back in the 90s. Whether he did something wrong or not, he did more right than he did wrong as far as I’m concerned. And I don’t care who they have as far as who’s running for Republican. I’m not going to go that way, because I’ve never seen that much done well with the Republicans since Reagan.

PALEVSKY: So you think America’s ready for an African-American president?

CLEAVLAND: Sure. Absolutely. Because I don’t know who it was, but I heard somewhere along the way that if we can live to the year 2050 or something like that, just about all races are going to be blended together anyway. It’s not going to be black, white, Hispanic, or what.


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