Paul Jay: The Urgency of Now

Paul Jay says we must try to tell the whole truth of the serious threats facing human society and report on the movements fighting for change – help us Make Real News

Paul Jay - Urgency of Now

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Story Transcript

PAUL JAY: Hi. I’m Paul Jay.

Some people say I’m being alarmist, but I think it’s way past time to be alarmed. While the Trump presidency is a cabal of criminals, billionaires, and far-right ideologues, it must first of all be seen in the context of the decaying system, not merely reduced to daily scandals and Twitter storms. There’s no need to treat people like infants. We need to tell people that the billionaire class can’t deal with the life-threatening effects of climate change, global war, parasitical finance, and mass unemployment as artificial intelligence replaces millions of workers. Why? Because the super rich are euphoric as they swim in an ocean of super wealth. They think everything’s just great. Even those individuals in the elites who do see what’s coming and are trying to sound the alarm are marginalized by corporate media.

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