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Sharif demands Bhutto abandon plans with Musharraf

Sharif urged the West to abandon Musharraf but also ruled out teaming up with Benazir Bhutto, another key opposition leader, unless she cut off talks with Musharraf. The Guardian UK, November 7, 2007




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VOICE OF NAWAZ SHARIF, FORMER PAKISTANI PM: I would be still very willing to work with her, provided she now abandons all her plans to go along with Mr. Musharraf, because he’s a dictator, he’s the man responsible for the present day’s crisis. And we are ones who are struggling hard for the restoration of rule of law and democracy. So I think she has to join the democratic forces and not go along with a dictator. I, frankly, don’t know where are we heading, honestly. I’ve been prime minister of the country twice. A man like me won’t tell you today where we’re heading. I think we are heading towards a very, very chaotic situation. And the mess that we are in, if we’re not pulled out of this mess immediately, I think we are heading for catastrophe.