Only Two Weeks Left to Have Your Donation Matched!

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Only Two Weeks Left to Have Your Donation Matched!

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Hi, everybody. Paul Jay at The Real News Network.

Behind me is a picture of our newsroom. It takes almost 40 people to produce Real News. And as we head towards a critical 2020 election, all of us feel a sense of urgency about what we do every day. Programming like our Reality Asserts Itself series with Daniel Ellsberg, or our incisive analysis of U.S. foreign policy, our reports from Baltimore, and perhaps most importantly, our critical climate crisis news about urgency and solutions.

It’s unique news and analysis that exists because we don’t sell advertising, and we don’t take government or corporate funding. We’re relying on viewers like you for our existence. We’ve less than two weeks to go before the end of our fundraising campaign. Right now we hope you have a sense of urgency about making a donation. We have a $400,000 goal for this fundraising campaign. And if you donate between now and the end of the year, every dollar will be matched. And if you donate monthly, your donation will be matched for a full 12 months.

So please, less than two weeks to go. If you haven’t donated, now’s the time to click. There’s a donate button somewhere around this video player. Or send a cheque. And thanks to everyone that has donated, and thank you for joining us on The Real News Network.