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MOURAD, TAXI DRIVER: I moved from Morocco, North Africa.

MATTHEW PALEVSKY, JOURNALIST: So what do you think of the election here, the primary?

MOURAD: Oh, it’s a big mess. The race is too tight. You know. It’s hard to tell who’s going to win the nomination. You know.

PALEVSKY: If you were voting for someone, whom would you vote for?

MOURAD: Oh, Hillary. The Clintons. I like the Clintons. You know. But election, Hillary, you know, we’re going to get Bill again to the White House. So two smart people at the White House. I think about it that way. You know.

PALEVSKY: Why not Obama?

MOURAD: Obama, the guy, he’s just talk, you know, talk, talk, talk, talk. He is three years at the Senate. You know. If you—I have a question for you. You know. Let’s reverse it. Can you name one thing that the guy accomplished? There is not. You know? I listen to the guy really carefully. You know. He doesn’t convince me. I want the guy to be honest. He knows how to talk. I feel like the Americans are thirsty to someone who talks. Everybody likes him. You know. Not me.

PALEVSKY: And are there certain issues in Texas, you being—?

MOURAD: Oh, yeah. Immigration.

PALEVSKY: Immigration?

MOURAD: Oh, those illegal immigrants? Oh, that’s a big, big, issue, you know.

PALEVSKY: Is it an issue for you?

MOURAD: It doesn’t affect my personal life.

PALEVSKY: And do you think the Democrats are better on immigration than the Republicans?

MOURAD: Yes, I do.


MOURAD: Well, when you listen to their speeches or when you read their program, you feel that they have that social aspects, you know, Medicare, immigrant. They talk about it. But when you listen to McCain, he talks about war. War. Ah, the enemy’s still there. We have to fight. You know. I’ll just give you an example. Yesterday, I was online, you know, checking the news, and I see a really good picture of Hillary in Morocco. She was with the king. You know, she was invited to a wedding. The royal family. You know. She was wearing the—what do you call it?—the Moroccan traditional clothes. You know. That tells me about the diplomacy of the lady. You know. She is smart. You know. But with Bush or Barbara, I never see them going to, you know—they didn’t do, like, this stuff. You know.

PALEVSKY: You like that Clinton wants to bring the troops out of Iraq.


PALEVSKY: But so does Obama, right?

MOURAD: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

PALEVSKY: So what separates them?

MOURAD: Experience. The experience, actually, is the main thing.

PALEVSKY: You know, you’ve studied politics in Morocco. You know what a political process means.


PALEVSKY: Bringing your study here to the United States, bringing what you learned in Morocco, how do you analyze this election? What’s the difference?

MOURAD: Oh, there’s a big difference. In Morocco, elections is a game. You know. It’s a big game. Who has money win the elections. Here it’s not; it’s about programs. You know. That’s a big difference. That’s a big, big difference. In Morocco, if you have money, you get elected. That’s it. Here you see a black guy—no one would have expected him—there you go, he’s in the Senate, and maybe he’s going to be the next president. You can’t find that in any country. It’s not. But it tells me what the democracy that we have in here. You know.


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