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Indiana primary 2008

The Real News Network talked with Indiana voters to find out whom they would support in the Indiana primary.


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EAMONN O’CONNOR: Senator Barack Obama has called Tuesday’s primary in Indiana a potential tiebreaker that could end his protracted fight with Senator Clinton. The Real News Network is on the ground in Indiana to find out how people are going to vote in Tuesday’s upcoming election.

CECILIA: My name’s Cecilia. I’m eighteen. We’re at IUN, Indiana University [inaudible].

O’CONNOR: Whom do you like for the election?

CECILIA: I don’t know. I think I’ll probably vote for Obama, depending on who wins the Democratic, I guess. I’m not a big fan of McCain. Like, I don’t like his policy on war and stuff. So I kind of want to just get out of Iraq.


O’CONNOR: What do you like about Obama?

RESPONDENT: That he really presents to me that he’s really going to make a change. And that’s what I’m looking for now, a good change in the community and schools and education and the world today.


ELAINE: Elaine.

O’CONNOR: Elaine, you’re voting in the upcoming election?

ELAINE: I’m thinking about it.

O’CONNOR: And whom do you like?

ELAINE: I like the Democrats, and I like both of them, so I don’t know.

O’CONNOR: What kinds of issues are important to you? What would maybe decide it for you?

ELAINE: Well, they’re not talking about gas prices too much, are they? Health is important and so is the war. And nobody wants that going on. So I don’t know.


SANDRA: [inaudible] and let’s make a change. Sandra Alvarez.

O’CONNOR: And Sandra, are you a student here at the university?

SANDRA: Yes, yes I am. Well, I actually started off supporting Hillary. And what I did was I went to go see Hillary when she first came at the civic center, and then I went to go see Obama when he came at Gary Roosevelt, and I made my decision that it would be Obama that I would support. He’s going to make a change for everybody. It isn’t just, you know, people say, oh, he’s Black, he’s African-American, he’s only going to push them. No, he’s going to push us all. I see him as something new, something refreshing, just a good change. People say Hillary’s more experienced, and I think she’s more into the system. She knows all the tricks. As you see, she’s a big basher of Obama, not even McCain anymore—she bashes Obama. And Obama isn’t that way. He’s more grassroots. The environment, education as far as student loans, the cost of education. I’m graduating, and can you imagine how much money I owe? And that’s big, ’cause the kids can’t ever better themselves if they can’t afford to go to school.


JEREMY: I’m Jeremy Elliot, 29 years old.

O’CONNOR: Jeremy, who do you like for the upcoming election?

JEREMY: Well, you know, it’s kind of funny. I think the perfect ticket would be an Obama-Hillary ticket. You know, stop the brutal massacre that the media is putting on and the big spectacle, and go ahead and put a promising ticket like that together would be great. So I think that Obama brings promise and hope to a failing country that needs that type of spirit. His foreign policy is decent, but I think his economic policy is probably his strongest point, is just starting here at home and dealing with what’s going on here, health care, all sorts of stuff. And I think he’d start here it at home and make it all work.


LINDA: Linda Golosi.

O’CONNOR: Linda, just wondering whom you’re supporting for the upcoming election.

LINDA: I’m still undecided. Their positions are so similar. I think Hillary has a lot more specifics laid out, whereas Obama’s not as specific. But the positions are so similar.

O’CONNOR: It looks like Obama’s dipped in the polls and Hillary has a bit of a lead. Any feelings as to why that might be?

LINDA: I think Obama’s taken a bad rap because of his pastor of his church. I think Hillary’s worked hard to bring herself up in the polls. I think she has laid out a lot more specific plans, and I think that has helped her a lot. I don’t know. To have somebody as the first woman president, I think she’s a great candidate. To have it the first African-American president, I think he’s a great president—he would make a great president as well.

O’CONNOR: If there was one thing, if you had to decide right now, you have to make a call, whom do you think?

LINDA: I’m leaning towards Hillary right now, but I have one more piece of information I’m going to Google tonight, and that’ll tip my decision.

O’CONNOR: What’s that?

LINDA: One of my friends, who is a nurse, who’s a very good friend of mine, has heard that Hillary has claimed nurses make too much money. And with the nursing shortage and an aging nursing population, I think that’s going to be a hard comment for her to recover from for those of us in the medical profession.


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