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Racist video sparks fury

Airing of racist video in South Africa causes widespread outrage and protests


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Racist video sparks outrage in South Africa

TEXT ON SCREEN: Thousands of students have been protesting at the Free State University in South Africa after a video made by white students humiliating black university employees surfaced this week. The video, which was made last year, shows students preparing and urinating on food. It goes on to show black employees being forcecd to eat the food in some kind of initiation ceremony.

MOGALE MPHALELE, HEALTH AND ALLIED WORKERS UNION: We cannot allow a situation wherein [inaudible] like an island, this is like a place wherein racism can be practiced. We are fighting, yes, in democracy, and we don’t have a place for such kind of people. Otherwise they should leave the country. It’s horrible.

TEXT ON SCREEN: Two of the students involved have left the university, while the other two have now been barred.

BEATRICE MARSHOFF, PREMIER, FREE STATE UNIVERSITY: I think you are justified in the action you want to take, but we are pleading with you: Please, students, you are here on this campus to come and learn.


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