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VOICE OF ZAA NKWETA: In a raucous congressional session Thursday, lawmakers for Morales’ Movement Toward Socialism Party passed a referendum to vote on constitutional changes that will enact land reform and grant greater autonomy for Bolivia’s indigenous people. This move thwarts opposition groups that refuse to recognize the framework, saying that the charter favors indigenous communities, and fails to address demands for autonomy from four eastern states. Garcia Linera, the Bolivian vice president and president of Congress, told reporters that it was now up to the people to choose.


La Paz, Bolivia

GARCIA LINERA, BOLIVIAN VICE PRESIDENT AND PRESIDENT OF CONGRESS (SUBTITLED TRANSLATION): On May 4th it will be the people that, with their vote, will decide if they approve or not the project for a new state constitution.


Morales’ supporters cheered in the street as the referendum was passed.


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