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McCain distances himself from top adviser

AP: McCain supporter said terror attack on the US would help the Republican presidential candidate


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VOICEOVER: Republican presidential candidate John McCain is on the defensive over comments by one of his supporters. McCain campaign adviser Charlie Black is quoted in the latest edition of Fortune Magazine as saying a terrorist attack on the US soil would be a big advantage for McCain. The lobbyist also told the magazine that while assassination of Pakistani leader Benazir Bhutto was unfortunate, it, quote, "helped us." The news of those remarks seemed to catch the Republican presidential hopeful off guard. McCain had just wrapped up a speech on energy policy and was giving a news conference when a reporter asked him about them. McCain denied Black’s claims and said he could not imagine what made his adviser say those things. The Arizona senator went on to say that he’s worked tirelessly since the September 11 attacks to prevent another terrorist attack on the US. Black has backed down from his controversial remarks. He told reporters outside a McCain fundraiser Monday evening that his comments were inappropriate and he deeply regrets them. That has not stopped Democrats from weighing in. Barack Obama’s campaign called the remarks a complete disgrace. Obama’s camp also says the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee welcomes a debate with McCain on terrorism. —Bryan Thomas, the Associated Press.


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