Israel-Hamas truce

June 19, 2008

AP: A long-sought truce between Israel and Gaza militants goes into effect

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AP: A long-sought truce between Israel and Gaza militants goes into effect


Story Transcript

(VOICEOVER): At six o’clock Thursday morning, Gaza City is peaceful. The sun rises. A few early birds take to the streets. Even the soldiers look relaxed. These are the first moments of a truce between Israel and Gaza Strip militants. The goal is to stop militant attacks by Palestinians and an Israeli blockade that has made life miserable for people who live in Gaza and Israeli border towns. But Wednesday, the day before the truce went into effect, the sound of Palestinian rocket and mortar fire was followed by Israeli air attacks, leaving shattered glass and pockmarked walls in this border community. The man who lives in this badly damaged home says he doesn’t think the truce will work, and he adds he doesn’t trust the government either. Just hours later, Hamas security said the Israeli navy fired four shells into the waters off Gaza city after the truce started, but there were no other reports of fire. The Egyptian-brokered truce is supposed to last six months. The terms call for no militant attacks on Israel and no Israeli raids. After three days, the Israeli blockade of Gaza is supposed to ease up, so supply shipments can start back up, with more steps in the future. But the last one, in November 2006, broke down after just weeks – Judy Boysha, the Associated Press.


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