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Obama to help Clinton pay off debt

Associated Press: Barack Obama has asked his money bundlers to help Hillary Clinton pay off at least 10 million dollars of the debt from her failed presidential campaign. The former first lady is said to be 22 million dollars in debt.


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JOHN BELMONT, ASSOCIATED PRESS (VOICEOVER): Taking another step to unite the party he now leads, Barack Obama is offering to lend a hand and some cash to former rival Hillary Clinton, who finds herself $22 million in debt after suspending her presidential campaign earlier this month. Obama is said to be urging his top fundraisers to help Clinton pay off at least $10 million of that debt. It’s a move that was expected, especially as the two Democrats get ready to hit the road together this week, where Obama will be looking to shore up the support of former Clinton supporters after a bruising primary battle.

SEN. BARACK OBAMA, US PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: We had a good conversation. We look forward to seeing each other tomorrow and then campaigning on Friday.

BELMONT: Tuesday, Clinton was welcomed back to Capitol Hill, making her first appearance in the Senate since she ended her presidential bid. Obama, however, was on the other side of the country wooing Hollywood’s elite at a celebrity-packed fundraiser in LA that reportedly brought in nearly $5 million. Obama told reporters on his press plane that the two have been talking frequently.

OBAMA: I actually talked to her today, and I also talked to her just two days ago.

BELMONT: [inaudible] also will meet with Clinton’s top donors on Thursday, before campaigning together in the aptly named Unity, New Hampshire, on Friday. John Belmont, the Associated Press.


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