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Truckers protest against fuel prices in NY State

Gov. Paterson tells truckers he’d support "summer fuel tax ‘holiday’" if fuel companies pass savings on


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VOICEOVER: With horns blaring, a convoy of truck drivers brought their rigs to Albany to deliver a message to New York’s political leaders. Truckers say high fuel prices, excessive taxes, and Department of Transportation audits are combining to threaten the trucking industry in the Empire State. One operator says it cost him about $1,300 to fill his rig’s tanks, twice as much as it cost him a year ago. The truckers heard from the state’s governor, who told them he’d support a summer fuel tax holiday if fuel companies would pass the savings on to consumers. New York’s Republican-led Senate passed a bill last month to suspend state petroleum taxes for the summer, but it hasn’t reached the floor of the Assembly, where Democratic leaders oppose it. Bryan Thomas, the Associated Press.


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