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Obama, Clinton plan to meet next week

Obama and Clinton plan to meet with her top donors in effort to calm those frustrated with his campaign


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ROSS SIMPSON, ASSOCIATED PRESS (VOICEOVER): Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton will meet once again behind closed doors, but for the first time since the New York senator officially suspended her presidential campaign. The meeting is set for June 26 at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington. And while there’s plenty of buzz as to why the once-rivals are meeting, campaign staffers say the senators will meet to talk about money. It’s believed Clinton will introduce Obama to her financial backers, a "meet my people" kind of get-together. Obama clinched his party’s nomination at the beginning of June and is now hoping to unify the Democratic Party. Two people closely involved with Clinton’s fund-raising team say the meeting has taken on added urgency after several of her money bundlers complained that Obama’s campaign manager had come across as arrogant in meetings with them last week in New York and Washington. According to the Clinton camp, the challenge is to reach out to donors, asking them for money for a candidate that they’ve been on the opposite side of for the last year and a half. Ross Simpson, the Associated Press.


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