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Sri Lanka bombing kills 23

AP: Blasts blow up two passenger buses, one packed with commuters, near heavily fortified capital


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ED DONAHUE, ASSOCIATED PRESS: There are pools of blood after a roadside bomb ripped through this crowded passenger bus. The deadly explosion during Friday morning’s rush hour shattered the vehicle’s windows and peppered it with shrapnel. More than 20 people were killed and dozens of others were hurt. Just hours after the attack near Sri Lanka’s heavily fortified capital, a second bomb tore through a bus nearby. Two passengers were killed and twenty others were hurt in that attack. Authorities promptly blamed the attack on Tamil Tiger rebels, who are recognized as a terrorist group by the United States, the European Union, and India. The group is also blamed for a blast Wednesday that targeted a passenger train in the capital. The president of Sri Lanka is urging residents to remain vigilant against the forces of terror, but there’s growing concern the attacks on civilians are on the rise. Officials say since the start of the year more than 200 civilians have been killed by bombings in rebel and government territory. Ed Donahue, the Associated Press.


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