Obama and Clinton meet

June 6, 2008

AP: Obama and Clinton met face-to-face Thursday night; first time since Obama clinched Dem nomination

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AP: Obama and Clinton met face-to-face Thursday night; first time since Obama clinched Dem nomination


Story Transcript

ASSOCIATED PRESS REPORTER: Senator Barack Obama is back home in Chicago after his first sit-down meeting with Senator Hillary Clinton since clinching the Democratic presidential nomination. The last two Democratic candidates for president met Thursday night in Washington, DC. As for the exact location and topics discussed, no one is revealing.

ROBERT GIBBS, OBAMA CAMPAIGN: This was a meeting that Senator Obama had talked to Senator Clinton about. He was eager to do at the end of the conclusion of the primary process.

REPORTER: While neither campaign would say exactly what was discussed, both sides did issue a joint statement saying it was a productive discussion.

GIBBS: —and to begin the process, as we have over the past couple of days, of uniting this party, bringing these candidates together, and moving forward for the fall campaign.

REPORTER: Senator Clinton is expected to concede the Democratic nomination to Senator Obama Saturday. The New York Senator has also indicated she will rally behind Senator Obama, saying the stakes are too high to do otherwise.

HILLARY CLINTON, US SENATOR (D): —congratulating Senator Obama and his supporters.

REPORTER: It’s not clear senators Obama and Clinton talked about the possibility of Obama inviting Clinton to be his running mate during their meeting Thursday. Earlier in the day, Clinton campaign spokesman Howard Wolfson said Senator Clinton is not seeking the vice presidency, adding, the decision is Senator Obama’s to make alone. For his part, Obama was in so-called Clinton country Thursday, campaigning in southwestern Virginia, with that state’s Democratic governor and Democratic senator, Jim Webb, [inaudible] the Associated Press.


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