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China denies hacking

AP: China denied that it copied contents of US government laptop & used data to hack into Commerce Dept


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DIANE KIPLING, ASSOCIATED PRESS: China is denying any and all allegations that its operatives hacked into Commerce Department computers. US authorities have been investigating whether China secretly copied the contents of a US-government laptop to gain access to sensitive material. China calls the claims totally groundless and highly irresponsible. According to US officials, Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez left the laptop unattended during trade talks in China last year. Officials say shortly afterward there were three serious attempts at data break-ins at the Commerce Department. China, though, says it knows nothing about the incident. Still, some experts in the US don’t believe that story.

JAMES ANDREW LEWIS, DIRECTOR, CSIS: This is going on today. This has been going on for at least a number of years. It’s not to say that everyone who goes to China is going to have their laptop scanned—most people just aren’t that interesting.

KIPLING: Beyond the US, Germany and Britain say their networks have also been broken into by hackers backed by the Chinese army. Diane Kipling, the Associated Press.


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