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Primary voting in Oregon

Voters in Portland, Oregon told the Associated Press there was excitement swirling around the primary held Tuesday.


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DIANE KIPLING, ASSOCIATED PRESS: It’s decision day in the Oregon primary election. Voters say there’s a sense of excitement that they could help shape the race between senators Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

I think it’s really going to be one of the deciding votes [inaudible] the Democratic election.

KIPLING: The deadline for mailing ballots passed, so Oregonians had to deliver them to county election offices or an official dropsite by Tuesday night. Courtney Morton told the AP she voted for Obama after being inspired during one of his rallies.

COURTNEY MORTON, VOTER: I actually voted for Barack Obama. I had a moment where he was very inspiring, and it made all the difference for me was when he gave his speech on race a few months ago.

KIPLING: This voter also backed Obama, but for a different reason.

ERIC KODESCH, VOTER: Originally for Hillary Clinton, and then switched to Obama about when she said the remarks that she would bring a lifetime of experience to the presidency, McCain would bring a lifetime of experience to the presidency, and Barack would bring a speech he gave. I think Hillary’s a great woman, and I admire what she’s done, but I really didn’t like the fact that she praised McCain over Obama. And she may have backed away from that now, but I just found that to be kind of unforgivable in a Democratic primary.

KIPLING: Also in Oregon, Obama held his largest rally to date. More than 75,000 people turned out to hear the Democratic presidential hopeful. Diane Kipling, the Associated Press.


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