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Obama speech after win in NC

Barack Obama speaks to supporters


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BARACK OBAMA, US PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE (D): You know, there are those who were saying that North Carolina would be a game-changer in this election. But today what North Carolina decided is that the only game that needs changing is the one in Washington, DC. I want to start by congratulating Senator Clinton on what appears to be her victory in the great state of Indiana. And I want to thank all the people—I want to thank all the wonderful people of Indiana who worked so hard on our behalf. The people in Indiana could not be finer. They worked tirelessly, and I will always be grateful to them. I want to thank, of course, the people of North Carolina. I want to thank them for giving us a victory in a big state–in a swing state, in a state where we will compete to win if I am the Democratic nominee for president of the United States. You know, when this campaign began, Washington didn’t give us much of a chance. But because you came out in the bitter cold, knocked on doors, and enlisted your friends and neighbors in this cause; because you stood up to the cynics, and the doubters, and the nay-sayers, when we were up and when we were down; because you still believe that this is our moment, and our time to change America, tonight we stand less than 200 delegates away from securing the Democratic nomination for president of the United States.


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