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Cubans able to purchase personal computers

The newest freedom allowed by Raúl Castro gives Cubans access to the Internet via desktop computers


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VOICEOVER: It’s something shoppers in America have seen for decades, but it’s a different story in Cuba, where the Internet is administered by the government, and few people are allowed to use it. The sale of computers is the latest step by Cuba’s new leader, Raúl Castro, to make life easier for ordinary citizens. Those with money to buy are excited by the new technology. "I’m very happy," this woman says, "this is a toy I’ve always dreamed of having." For now only one computer model is being offered. With a monitor it costs just under $800. Last year, the Cuban government began allowing people traveling abroad to bring back video games. It has also lifted the ban on cell phones and allowed the sale of other consumer electronic items like DVD players. [inaudible], the Associated Press.