Story Transcript

Muslim McCain Fans Confront Intolerance At Rally

By Davin Hutchins & Lagan Sebert

LEAFLETER: —tell people about Islam.

MCCAIN SUPPORTER: What about the guy—.

LEAFLETER: If people want to know about Islam, these people here want you to know about Islam, okay? I’m going to tell you about Islam. The doctrine of Taqiyya is that you deceive the infidel. Muhammad himself taught to deceive the infidel in order to progress Islam. I know that and you know that.

REPORTER: You just said Obama is a socialist with—.

LEAFLETER: Socialist with Islamic background.

REPORTER: Can you defend that claim? What makes you think he has an Islamic background?

LEAFLETER: There’s a lot of—. He was raised in a Madrasa. There’s a lot of background, there’s a lot of stuff you can read on. But I can’t do it right now, okay? I understand you’re a Muslim.

REPORTER: No, I’m not Muslim.

LEAFLETER: What are you?

REPORTER: I’m here as a journalist, and I’m asking you, what is the Islamic crescent supposed to represent?

LEAFLETER: I want people to ask the question about what about his connections with Islam.

REPORTER: Are you Muslim, ma’am?


REPORTER: Sorry. This woman’s a Muslim.

MCCAIN SUPPORTER: So you’re combining Islam with the Soviet Union flag.

MCCAIN SUPPORTER: That is just wrong. You know what? That just made [inaudible].

REPORTER: Okay. Are you Muslim, ma’am? Are you Turkish?


MCCAIN CAMPAIGN CHAIR: I want to talk to you. I’m Matthew Barry. I’m one of the campaign chairs. I’m Muslim. I’m chairman of the Maryland campaign. I was an elected campaign delegate.

MCCAIN SUPPORTER: This makes me [inaudible]

MCCAIN CAMPAIGN CHAIR: Yeah, but he’s not with the campaign, so you don’t have to worry.

LEAFLETER: I’m not with the campaign.

MCCAIN CAMPAIGN CHAIR: I’m with the campaign, and we don’t endorse that behavior. So—.

REPORTER: You don’t endorse this man’s behavior?


REPORTER: The McCain campaign doesn’t endorse your behavior, sir.

LEAFLETER: I’m pro-McCain. You know that there are—.

MCCAIN CAMPAIGN CHAIR: But you’re anti-Islam.

LEAFLETER: I’m not—.

MCCAIN CAMPAIGN CHAIR: And that’s not what our Constitution’s about. You’re *here being anti-Islamic.

LEAFLETER: *I am pro-freedom.

MCCAIN CAMPAIGN CHAIR: You’re complaining against people in Muslim countries being against Christianity. You don’t believe in the Constitution.

LEAFLETER: Absolutely.

MCCAIN CAMPAIGN CHAIR: No, you don’t. You wouldn’t put that on there if you did.

MCCAIN SUPPORTER: You can be of any religion and be for McCain.


REPORTER: Say that again, sir.

MCCAIN SUPPORTER: You can be of any religion and be for McCain.

MCCAIN CAMPAIGN CHAIR: I ran for the United States Congress, and I was endorsed by John McCain.

MCCAIN SUPPORTER: I don’t think it’s in any way a bad thing to question Barack Obama’s ties, but we need to do that in a respectful manner. And you’re making a point about Islam, which is an excellent point with regards to extremist Islam.

REPORTER: Do you, as a McCain supporter, approve of this man’s technique?

MCCAIN SUPPORTER: No. No. I’m not racist.

REPORTER: Are you offended?

MCCAIN SUPPORTER: Yes. I’m very offended.

REPORTER: You’re all offended?


MCCAIN SUPPORTER: And I think Obama should kick his ass.

MCCAIN SUPPORTER: I mean, I’m a conservative Christian [inaudible] and still this behavior [inaudible]

REPORTER: Okay. So what does your message mean?

LEAFLETER: You know, I have to tell you, I’m a little nervous about talking to the press, because I see how the press distorts things.

MCCAIN SUPPORTER: Shame on you guys, ’cause we’re Muslims, and we’re McCain voters, and you guys are taking votes away.

REPORTER: Sir, can I get your name, just so when we put this—? Can I get your name, please?


MCCAIN SUPPORTER: Are you deliberately trying to lose us this election? Or is it just coincidental? Or—?

MCCAIN SUPPORTER: They’re leaving.

MCCAIN SUPPORTER: Okay. So we’re right. Thank you. Can we get a round of applause here, everybody?



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