Reality Asserts Itself

Reality Asserts Itself - Thomas Frank

September 5, 2017
TRNN Replay: On Reality Asserts Itself, Thomas Frank, author of “What’s the Matter with Kansas” and “Listen, Liberal”, tells host Paul Jay that the Democratic Party serves the professional class and the top 10% and no longer cares about the poor or working class

Reality Asserts Itself: Trita Parsi

August 30, 2017
On Reality Asserts Itself, Trita Parsi says the Israelis are trying to push the United States to reestablish the pre-Iraq War status quo, but it’s not possible any longer

Reality Asserts Itself: Troy LaRaviere

August 21, 2017
On Reality Asserts Itself with Paul Jay, Troy LaRaviere says that the “parasitical wealthy” should be fought for control of the Democratic Party

Reality Asserts Itself - Norman Solomon

June 8, 2017
On Reality Asserts Itself, Norman Solomon of the Bernie Delegates Network tells Paul Jay that when it comes to defending the deep state, there’s really no difference between the two parties

Reality Asserts Itself - Sabah Alnasseri

June 4, 2017
On Reality Asserts Itself with Paul Jay, Prof. Alnasseri says we are witnessing a counter-revolutionary setback against the revolution, but the revolt will erupt again and again

Reality Asserts Itself - Gar Alperovitz

April 28, 2017
The Next System Project’s Gar Alperovitz tells Paul Jay that the Federal Reserve should use quantitive easing, i.e. create money, to take Big Oil companies out of the equation and finance a massive green infrastructure program

Reality Asserts Itself - Nina Turner

January 20, 2017
On Reality Asserts Itself, Nina Turner, whose husband is a retired cop and son is active duty, tells host Paul Jay that police need to be held accountable but so do policy makers who are responsible for stagnant wages and chronic poverty

Reality Asserts Itself - Medea Benjamin

January 4, 2017
Medea Benjamin and Paul Jay discuss how Trump and Pence will look for ways to weaken Iran by abrogating the nuclear deal, reimposing sanctions, and a possible military attack all in alliance with Israel and Saudi Arabia

Reality Asserts Itself - Miko Peled

December 12, 2016
On Reality Asserts Itself, Miko Peled tells Paul jay that his father, a famous Israeli General, was ostracized for saying it was necessary to negotiate with the PLO and respect Palestinian self-determination; but he never gave up his belief that the expulsion of 1948 and creation of a Jewish state was justified

Reality Asserts Itself - Bill Ayers

November 13, 2016
In an interview that took place days before Trump was elected President, Bill Ayers discusses what needs to be done as we head into a ”form of friendly looking and familiar fascism or some other form of extreme social disintegration”

Fannie Lou Hamer Challenged Corporate Dems in 1964

June 13, 2016

Historian Gerald Horne says the possible defeat of Bernie Sanders supporters at this summer’s Democratic National Convention could led to a serious exodus from the party and give rise to an independent movement. He sat down with TRNN senior editor Paul Jay to discuss the Mississippi Freedom Democratic insurgency of 1964 and understand its significance…

Reality Asserts Itself - Peter Kuznick

June 10, 2016
Peter Kuznick, co-author of The Untold History of the United States, spoke to Paul Jay about the significance of the vice presidency of Henry Wallace, who served in the administration of Franklin D. Roosevelt, in the context of the Bernie Sanders campaign. “[The historian] Arthur Schlesinger talked about him being the greatest secretary of agriculture…