Real News Daily Reports

Bush asks for more NATO troops in Afghanistan

March 31, 2008

President Bush joins other NATO leaders for summit in Romania, with hopes of more troops for Afghanistan

Nouri al-Maliki: Basra "decisive and final battle"

March 29, 2008

Iraq Prime Minister vows to stay in Basra to oversee operations against militias until security restored

Florida Legislature apologizes for slavery

March 28, 2008

AP: State formally apologizes for its long support of slavery in resolution calling for reconcilliation

Basra clashes continue

March 27, 2008

AP: Shiite militia fighters and security forces continue fighting in Iraq

Obama delivers speech on the economy

March 27, 2008

AP: Relief for homeowners and an additional $30 billion stimulus package to cope with recession

President Bush gives speech on Iraq war

March 27, 2008

AP: Bush says strategic interests at stake in Iraq

Antarctic ice shelf collapses

March 26, 2008

AP: Ice shelf seven times Manhattan collapsed, putting larger portion of glacial ice at risk

Pentagon missile mix up

March 26, 2008

AP: US military shipment to Taiwan in 2006 sent missile parts instead of batteries

Clinton criticizes Obama over pastor

March 26, 2008

AP: Hilary Clinton says she would have parted company with Barack Obama’s pastor

Pennsylvania campaign profile

March 25, 2008

AP: Democratic hopefuls face several weeks of tough campaigning before Pennsylvania primary