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Bomb blast hits embassy in Pakistan

June 2, 2008

Guardian: At least six killed and dozens injured as bomb explodes outside Danish embassy in Islamabad

China quake: "All of a sudden they were all gone"

May 23, 2008

Furious parents confront local officials, demanding to know why a school collapsed and killed their children when other buildings survived the earthquake. Beijing is to investigate dozens of similar cases.

Primary voting in Oregon

May 20, 2008

Voters in Portland, Oregon told the Associated Press there was excitement swirling around the primary held Tuesday.

Dems vote in Kentucky

May 20, 2008

Voters in Kentucky head to the polls today for that state’s Democratic primary. The AP’s Mark Carlson reports from Louisville.

Obama hits back at McCain over Iran

May 19, 2008

Barack Obama and John McCain are sparing over foreign policy. Obama says he would have the courage to meet with US enemies, just as Kennedy met with Kruschev during the missile crisis. He added that a John McCain presidency would be like a third term for George W. Bush and his failed foreign policy.

Clinton continues to make case for her candidacy

May 19, 2008

Hillary Clinton is campaigning in Kentucky, where she told voters she’ll continue making the case for her candidacy until there’s a nominee. Barack Obama leads Clinton in the delegate count by a virtually insurmountable total.

McCain says Obama is inexperienced

May 19, 2008

John Mcain says Barack Obama’s statements about his willingness to meet with Iranian leaders show his ‘inexperience’ and ‘reckless judgment’. He also said that Iran is a serious threat especially in Iraq.

Obama, McCain respond to Bush in Israel

May 16, 2008

Barack Obama says President Bush launched a ‘false political attack’ while speaking to Israel’s Knesset Thursday. The remarks appeared to imply the Democratic presidential candidate would appease dictators.

Earthquake in China kills thousands

May 14, 2008

More than 12,000 people were killed in Monday’s earthquake in central China. The 7.9 quake also left thousands buried under rubble, and rescue efforts by 20,000 Chinese security and relief workers are slowly uncovering them. International leaders offered their support, though China is not allowing the entry of foreign relief workers yet.

Earthquake hits south-west China

May 13, 2008

The Guardian’s Beijing correspondent Tania Branigan reports from Dujiangyan.