Real News Daily Reports

Independence Day: Neo-Fascists Take Finland

March 27, 2016

Max Blumenthal and James Kleinfeld speak to far right activists in Finland

The Laura Flanders Show

March 24, 2016
Author, activist Sarah Schulman, cofounder of the Act-Up Oral History Project, is out with a new novel. Musician Lupe Fiasco is starting a tech entrepreneur program in one of New York City’s poorest neighborhoods. And with so much to spend public money on, why are taxpayers subsidizing church?

Black Lives

March 8, 2016
Hours before she faces trial, we speak with #BLMLA7 activist Rosa Clemente

Poetry and Trans Politics: Darkmatter

February 22, 2016

Dark Matter are playing to sold out audiences in theatres and art spaces around the world with their passionate, political poetry that explores race, gender, internationalism, liberation, and more, including a fierce critique of what they see as mainstream LGBT politics.

We Can Now Hear the Universe

February 17, 2016

Scientists say they can now “hear the universe” at a news conference in which they confirmed they have detected gravitational waves, as predicted by Albert Einstein a century ago

Tony Kushner: Hollywood and Socialism

February 4, 2016

Can a socialist choose Hillary over Bernie? Playwright and screenwriter Tony Kushner discusses Socialism, Zionism, Hollywood, and the 2016 elections.

The Laura Flanders Show: Viggo Mortensen on Empires and Justice in the Middle East

January 27, 2016

Actor Viggo Mortensen on empire, mainstream coverage of the war, Bernie and Hillary, and how some movie critics in 2002 apparently thought his character in Lord of The Rings represented US forces invading Iraq