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Trump warns of a rigged election as he undercuts the post office

August 25, 2020

Postmaster General Louis DeJoy was grilled by Democrats over his undermining of the U.S. Postal Service’s ability to deliver ballots on time.

A wildcat strike in 1970 solved the last crisis at USPS

August 24, 2020

Labor activist Paul Prescod gives context to the fight over the future of the post office.

Biden, Harris Feel The Heat Over Fossil Fuel Subsidies

August 21, 2020

The DNC says the platform statement calling for an end to fossil fuel subsidies was an “error” and that’s why it was removed. But climate activist circles smell a rat and are calling for clarification.

A new rapid spit test for COVID-19 could be the game changer we need

August 20, 2020

Are known cases just the tip of the iceberg? A new test holds promise – and peril – for how we fight back against the disease.

Congress, Trump-appointed CEO battle it out over latest purge at federally-funded network

August 14, 2020

Having fired and suspended top leadership at USAGM , CEO Pack is one step closer to turning VOA and other federally-funded broadcast networks into Trump propaganda machines.

Silencing marginalized voices is not ‘good trouble’

August 14, 2020

In a time when it feels like many of the civil rights gains that activists fought for with their blood and bones and spirits have been lost, where do we go from here?

Thinking beyond representation: progressives weigh Harris’ past

August 14, 2020

Oakland native and Berkeley professor Brandi Thompson Summers tackles the contradictions wrapped up in Harris’ nomination.

New strategy builds a multiracial coalition in Trump country

August 13, 2020

Deep canvassing can connect rural white voters to issues of racial justice to build a multiracial coalition we need.

Progressives’ problems with Kamala Harris

August 13, 2020

Liberals praised Harris, Republicans attacked her as a “radical leftist,” but progressives say the selection underscores the need for sustained grassroots pressure.

Reformers Aim to End Prison Firefighters’ ‘Indentured Servitude’ in California

August 12, 2020

California’s incarcerated firefighters program plays a central role in fighting climate change-fueled wildfires. With exploitative pay and history rooted in colonialism, activists are pushing for a career path for those who serve.