Rattling the Bars

Prisoners Now Eligible for Pell Grants to Earn College Degrees

August 1, 2015

TRNN’s Eddie Conway, who used Pell Grants to earn three degrees while in prison, says Obama’s pilot program to offer Pell Grants to prisoners will help reduce mass incarceration by reducing recidivism and combating the impact of mass incarceration

US Race Issues

July 29, 2015
Black Lives Matter activist Mark-Anthony Johnson says LA County residents are calling for civilian oversight, with teeth, to keep the Sheriff’s office in check.

Are Incarcerated People Poorer Than Non-Incarcerated People?

July 20, 2015

TRNN Executive Producer Eddie Conway speaks with Bernadette Rabuy from the Prison Policy Initiative about her new report on income levels of incarcerated persons.

Social Justice Art Looks at Mass Incarceration and Lynching, Past & Present

May 2, 2015

Deutsch Foundation Artist-in-Residence and Research Fellow Paul Rucker shares his work

Law Enforcement and The Criminal Justice System

April 19, 2015
Prison Policy associate Bernadette Rabuy discusses the grassroots activism that is taking on corporations profiting off jail video visitations