Winter Soldier: Iraq and Afghanistan

"We are your new Winter Soldiers"

March 31, 2008

Camilo Mejia, chair of Iraq Vets Against War on GI resistance

Vets defend Winter Soldier conferences

March 30, 2008

Vietnam Veterans Against the War respond to protests and accusations from Eagles Up

"Fight to Survive" vet blogger on GI resistance

March 28, 2008

Winter Soldier testimonies continue: Jeff Englehart on soldier outreach

The true face of war

March 21, 2008

Reality of war and Winter Soldier testimonials not covered by US television news

Winter Soldier: Jesse Hamilton

March 17, 2008

Hamilton: Death blossoms in Iraq

Clinton vs Obama on Blackwater

March 17, 2008

Winter Soldier: Jeremy Scahill discusses why no presidential candidate plans on fully leaving Iraq

Eagles Up protest Winter Soldier

March 17, 2008

Vets in support of current war policy protest against Winter Soldier testimonies

Winter Soldier: Fight to Survive

March 17, 2008

Winter Soldier: Garrett Reppenhagen Iraq vet and anti-war blogger

Verifying Winter Soldier

March 16, 2008

Jose Vasquez talks about the process of verifying the stories of those testifying

Winter Soldier: An Iraqi perspective

March 16, 2008

Salam Talib is an Iraqi citizen. He worked as a translator for US journalists after the war and started reporting from Iraq himself in 2005. He recently moved to California to study computer engineering at Berkley.

Has corporate media forgotten Iraq?

March 16, 2008

Winter Soldier: Phyllis Bennis on the loss of media interest in the Iraq war

Winter Soldier: Clifton Hicks and Steven Casey

March 15, 2008

Hicks and Casey: Indiscriminate killings in Iraq

Winter Soldier: Steve Mortillo

March 15, 2008

Mortillo: War distorts soldiers’ humanity

Winter Soldier: Adam Kokesh

March 15, 2008

Kokesh: On rules of engagement

Winter Soldier testimonials

March 14, 2008

They will present photographs and videos, recorded with mobile phones and digital cameras, to back up their allegations – of brutality, torture and murder. The veterans are not against the military and seek not to indict it – instead they seek to shine a light on the bigger picture: that the Abu Ghraib prison regime and the Haditha massacre of innocent Iraqis are not isolated incidents perpetrated by “bad seeds” as the military suggests, but evidence of an endemic problem. They will say they were tasked to do terrible things and point the finger up the chain of command, which ignores, diminishes or covers up routine abuse and atrocities. (From the London Sunday Times, see full article in context link below)   Kelly Dougherty is the Executive Director of IVAW. She served as a Military Police Officer in Iraq, she will testify about her experiences working at check points in occupied Iraq. She will also discuss leading the IVAW organization through exponential growth in the last year. Captain Luis Montalvan is the highest-ranking IVAW member. He served in the US Army for 17-years and will be testifying about accountability and corruption in the US military. CPT Montalvan is from Brooklyn, New York. Jason Hurd was born in Kingsport, TN and enlisted in the US Army in 1997 at 17. In 2004 he deployed to central Baghdad with Bristol, Tennessee’s Troop F 2/278th Regimental Combat Team after a 5-month long train-up. He served as a medic in Baghdad. He will testify about the practice of shooting…

Winter Soldier: Captain Luis Montalvan

March 14, 2008

Captain Luis Montalvan on the media, propaganda and uncovering the whole story in Iraq

Winter Soldier Testimony : Hart Viges

March 14, 2008

Hart Viges : US military tactics upside down