What to do with Detroit?

Detroit Won’t Restore Police Review Board Even Though Abuses Continue

December 28, 2014

Detroit Activist Frank Hammer says activists are outraged that Detroit’s badly needed civilian review board of police – dismantled as part of the city’s bankruptcy proceeding – is not being restored now that the city is out of bankruptcy

Thwarted Michigan Bill Aimed At Stopping Community Agreements With Developers Will Return

December 22, 2014

Detroit Activist Frank Hammer says though Michigan State Bill 5977 aimed at Detroit’s Community Development Ordinance has failed for now, Republicans will likely reintroduce it in 2015

The Post-Bankruptcy Plan for Detroit

November 12, 2014

The bankruptcy plan is a blow to retirees and falls short of addressing the circumstances that led to the bankruptcy in the first place, say journalist Curt Guyette and Rev. David Alexander Bullock

UN Issues Statement on Human Rights Violations in Detroit

October 22, 2014

Abayomi Azikiwe, editor of the Pan-African News Wire says mass struggle against the powers that be is required in Detroit

Privatization, Public Health, and the Detroit Water Crisis

July 17, 2014

Bonnie Castillo and Monica Lewis Patrick discuss the ongoing public health emergency in Detroit

“A Commercially Successful Human Rights Violation” in Detroit

June 25, 2014

Emily Wurth and Tom Stephens say that the city is turning off residents’ water so that they are forced to pay their bills, thereby driving up the commercial value of the public water system in order to sell it to private investors

Obama Labor Day Speech Praises Union Concessions

September 6, 2011

Frank Hammer: Obama and UAW leadership restructured auto industry in a race to the bottom, not a stronger "middle class"


July 5, 2010

It’s been almost four decades since Motown records moved it’s studios to Los Angeles. Years later, the auto industry began it’s sharp decline. All this left the once vibrant NW Goldberg neighborhood, also known as Zone 8, in disrepair. Today, people like Yusef Shakur are taking action to pick the community back out of the rubble. Produced by Jesse Freeston.

Saving Detroit

October 22, 2009

Paul Jay speaks to Carl Anthony about the solution local community of Detroit found to problems of vacant and depreciated and lack of transportation infrastructure.

A worker’s vision for a new auto industry

April 23, 2009

As the government works with the management of GM and Chrysler to help them become competitive auto companies, many of the company’s workers are demanding a drastically different approach. Paul Jay sits down in Detroit with Frank Hammer, who has helped organized the Auto Worker Caravan, an organization of active and retired auto workers that is lobbying Washington to change their question. Instead of asking what would make the companies competitive, Hammer believes the question the Obama administration should be asking is what would best serve the transportation and economic needs of the American people?

Motown blues or Detroit green?

April 18, 2009

Barack Obama announced earlier this month that he will not accept the restructuring plans put forward by the management of GM and Chrysler, giving them two and one months respectively to make another, more drastic proposal if they wish to receive the billions of dollars in government loans they are applying for. The White House report targets both the management and the union for criticism, yet the media has focused on the need for workers to make concessions in order to allow for the development of a viable auto industry, with little attention paid to the vision being put forward by management. Senior Editor Paul Jay visited Detroit, Michigan to find out how workers are responding to this situation.

Should the public own the auto industry?

November 25, 2008

The CEO’s of Chrysler, Ford and GM are still hoping for movement from the US Congress on the $25B bailout of the auto-industry. The Real News asks Jim Stanford and Justin Fox about public control of this sector. Jim Stanford from the Canadian Auto Workers Union says that if the companies are "bailed out" by Congress, they will need to guarantee better efficiency, and regulation from a federal level is a possibility.

What to do with Detroit?

November 21, 2008

In the first part of our discussion with Jim Stanford and Justin Fox, the two discuss what they see as the causes of the current crisis in the automotive industry, the importance of that industry to the North American economy, and debate the wisdom of allowing the companies in question to go bankrupt.