US Government Shutdown

Looking Back On How Republicans Changed House Rules During Shutdown

November 13, 2013

Former House Parliamentarian on how both parties change the rules when in the majority at the expense of real debate.

Government Shutdown and Debt Limit Deal a Defeat for Tea Party

October 16, 2013

Democrats must transform debt limit deal into a victory for progressives

The Tea Party and the Suppression of the Left

October 15, 2013

Richard Wolff explains the history behind the Tea Party

Reid: Everything Is On The Negotiating Table

October 10, 2013

Democrats pick up talk of a Grand Bargain in an effort to get Republicans to end the federal government partial shutdown Senate Democrats are willing to compromise unconditionally with Republicans in order to end the government shutdown, according to a report by the Real News Network. “Open the government, allow us to pay our bills,” said Senator Harry Reid at a recent press conference.  “And at that time we'll be happy to negotiate about anything they want to talk about.” Some in the Progressive Caucus warn that further cuts to entitlements should not be on the table. “Everything is not on the table for me, number one,” said Representative Mike Capuano (D-MA).  “Number two, more importantly, Democrats have already compromised. As far as I'm concerned, we've already compromised too much.” The Democratically controlled Senate have already agreed to temporary funding levels that are far closer to the Republican-controlled House budget plan.  For example, the Senate's 2014 proposed budget was for over $1 trillion.  The Republican budget proposed $967 billion. The continuing resolution passed by the Senate came up to $986 billion. “They agreed to accept the much lower Republican budget figure, the House figure,” said investigative journalist Robert Parry.  “They surrendered the Senate position. This was a proposal that Boehner had presented to them back in July. They accepted this deal.” “And then Boehner decided that after pocketing that major concession they wanted more,” continued Parry.  “So he and the Tea Party Caucus came up with this idea that if they put the country into…

Cleanup at 505 Toxic Sites Suspended During Government Shutdown

October 9, 2013

Kate Sheppard: One of the many programs crippled during government shutdown has been the EPA’s cleanup of highly polluted superfund sites.

Government Shutdown: FDA Not Inspecting Food

October 8, 2013

Tony Corbo explains why the government shutdown threatens public health. The majority of FDA food inspectors have been deemed nonessential under the government shutdown, according to a Department of Health and Human Services memo, and have been furloughed. Meat inspections and import inspections will continue, but the furlough of FDA inspectors still poses a significant public health. “The fact that those inspections are not going on, even though the inspection frequency is not all that great—the fact that those inspections are not going on may cause consumers to be at greater risk for food-borne illness outbreaks here in the United States,” says Tony Corbo, senior lobbyist for the food campaign at Food & Water Watch. Corbo also described the FDA’s food inspection practices before the shutdown as “relatively weak,” in comparison with the “continuous inspection model” of the USDA.

Who is Behind the Tea Party?

October 2, 2013

Corporations in support of the Tea Party have pitt themselves against GOP establishment Republicans who take their cue from Wall Street. Part 2 of extended interview

Government Shutdown Spares Military but Hurts Children and the Poor

October 2, 2013

Rania Khalek: Government shutdown means halting social services while maintaining NSA spying, deportations and continuing drone strikes in Afghanistan

Gov’t Shutdown Reflects Struggle Within Capitalist Republican Elite

October 1, 2013

Tea Party candidates strong desire to roll back New Deal comes out of the GOP establishment’s own creation. Part 1 of extended interview