Unpacking Corporate Capture in Institutions of Global Governance

The process of globalization has reached a stage where transnational corporate driven governance systems are displacing democracy and nation-states. A public debate on pro-democracy alternatives is imperative, argues Harris Gleckman, author of Multistakeholderism and Democracy: A Global Challenge

The Corporate Challenge to Global Democracy (2/2)

Three Ways To Discipline Corporate Global Governors (Pt 2/2)

May 24, 2019

No stakeholder-based global governance system comes close to matching the democratic legitimacy of a citizen-based and nation-state-based governance system, says Harris Gleckman, who advocates three alternatives to the current corporate-driven multi-stakeholder system and its self-selected global governors

The Corporate Challenge to Global Democracy (2/2)

There Are no Nation-States, Only Corporate Global Governors (Pt 1/2)

May 23, 2019

While in the past transnational corporations were powerful actors, at the international level there were at least nation-state based governors; not anymore in the current ‘multi-stakeholder’ organization of globalization as described by Harris Gleckman