United Kingdom

Real Media: New Warfare & Transparency

September 24, 2017

Chris Cole of Drone Wars UK talks about the current state of the technology, the march to lethal autonomous warfare, and the absolute secrecy and lack of democratic scrutiny around the developing drone program

Real Media: UK Drilling Down with Dodgy Fracking Data

September 23, 2017

A report commissioned by ‘Talk Fracking’ analyzes the latest peer-reviewed fracking science and questions a 4-year-old report that UK conservatives rely on to push through their fracking agenda

Real Media: The Nomadic War Machine

September 22, 2017

Paul Watt discusses the fight against social cleansing and gentrification, and specifically what he calls the ‘Nomadic War Machine,’ where campaign groups occupy spaces to shift the power balance with the landlord or local authority

Real Media: Art & Militarism

September 19, 2017

From the ‘Conference at the Gates’ organized by ‘Stop The Arms Fair’, Real Media explores a workshop on art and militarism that was held during protests against the 2017 Defense and Security Equipment International (DSEI) arms fair in London

Real Media: Women’s Narratives – The Real Cost of Selling Weapons

September 18, 2017

Two women from conflict zones in Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe explain the costs of war and the arms trade for their homelands, and in particular the impact on women

Real Media: Drones, Nationalism and the Future of Warfare

September 17, 2017

Author of Shadow World: Inside the Global Arms Trade Andrew Feinstein talks about the the future of warfare, the effects of drones on the military industrial complex and the role of nationalism in an increasingly unstable world

UK Activist Risks Prison Challenging ‘Digital Strip-Search’

September 17, 2017

CAGE International Director Muhammad Rabbani is about to stand trial for refusing to give UK police the password to his laptop, which contained information about torture survivors. He’s using his case to challenge Britain’s anti-terrorism legislation, Schedule 7

UK Parliament ‘Beheads Democracy’ With EU Exit Bill

September 15, 2017

Public interest organisations and opposition leaders slammed the EU Withdrawal Bill as the biggest threat to parliamentary democracy in decades, explains journalist Steve Topple

Activists Blockade Massive Arms Fair in London

September 9, 2017

In London, activists have staged a week of protest against the Defense and Security Equipment International, DSEI, one of the world’s largest arms fairs

Real Media: Biggest Arms Deal in History

September 9, 2017

As the world’s largest arms fair gets underway in London, author of The Shadow World: Inside the Global Arms Trade, Andrew Feinstein talks to Real Media about corruption and justification of arms deals

The Social Cleansing of London

August 22, 2017

Rapper and artist Potent Whisper discusses how London is being deliberately turned into a ‘playground for the rich’ by dispossessing londoners from their communities and their roots via a process known as ‘regeneration’

Brexit and the Single Market

August 18, 2017

Professor emeritus of economics, John Weeks, goes through the labyrinth of misconceptions around the EU, single market, and the customs union all within the context of Brexit

Real Media: ‘This is all a lie’ – William Hawk Birdshead at the British Museum

August 16, 2017

William Hawk Birdshead, a DAPL water protector from the Oglala Lakota tribe, reacts as he visits the JP Morgan Chase-sponsored North American gallery at the British Museum

Real Media: The Special Relationship Between UK and Saudi Arabia

August 6, 2017

Adam Smith of Campaign Against the Arms Trade calls for a judicial review of the UK government’s continued approval of arms sales to Saudi Arabia

Real Media: Northern Ireland, Conservatives & Dark Money (2/2)

August 5, 2017

Open Democracy editor Adam Ramsay discusses who the Democratic Unionist Party is and what Theresa May’s potential deal will mean for the Good Friday Agreement, Northern Irish politics and the future (Part 2)

UK Court Protects Tony Blair from War Crimes Prosecution

August 4, 2017

The UK High Court has blocked a war crimes prosecution against Tony Blair for the Iraq invasion, but that won’t stop the effort to hold him accountable, says author and activist Chris Nineham

Real Media: Northern Ireland, Conservatives & Dark Money (1/2)

August 4, 2017

Adam Ramsay of Open Democracy discusses his investigation into the Democratic Unionist Party and dark money during the Brexit campaign (Part 1) Real Media, UK, Northern Ireland, conservatives, Open Democracy, Democratic Unionist Party, DUP, dark money, Brexit, Adam Ramsey, Theresa May

Grenfell Tower and the Violence of Austerity

August 2, 2017

TRNN’s Mohamed Elmaazi speaks with attendees of the University of London’s panel discussion on the “Grenfell Tower Fire: The Avoidable Tragedy,” examining the political, social and economic environments in which the the fire occurred

UK Anti-Fracking Campaigners Face Increasingly Violent Police Tacticts

July 29, 2017

The Network of Police Monitors (NETPOL) have documented the mounting use of aggressive and at times violent tacticts against demonstrators. A month of anti-fracking campaigns -known as the ‘Rolling Resistance’ – was declared for July in the north of England, near Preston Road in Lancashire the location of the UK’s first and thus far only fracking site.

Foreign Investment and The UK Housing Crisis

July 25, 2010

Real Media speaks to Anna Minton, the author of “Big Capital: Who Is London For?” about the causes, effects and potential remedies for the housing crisis that has been growing for 30 years in London and beyond